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Studio photo-shooting </P> © Andreas Smaragdis
Studio photo-shooting </P> © Eleni Haralabaki
Studio photo-shooting </P> © Eleni Haralabaki
FAUST </P> © Antonis Psarras


“20 years since… Melina”
 Tribute dedicated to the memory of Melina Mercouri in Nice

26 Mar 2016

The musical performance dedicated to the memory of Melina Mercouri -singer actress and politician -was successfully premiered in Paris in March 2014 at the theatre "La Reine Blanche". The Ambassador of Greece in Paris, Mr. Theodore Passas, attended the premiere of the performance on Thursday, March 6th - the exact anniversary of Melina’s death 20 years ago.The first presentation of the tribute in Athens took place at the Theatre "Archelaus" in July 2014. The UNESCO Club of Piraeus and the Islands gave awards to the performer and musicians for their contribution to Culture. At the second presentation in Greece in the Theocharakis Foundation for Fine Arts and Music, the brother of Melina, Mr. Spiros Merkouris, attended the show and warmly congratulated Ms Alexopoulou.The show continued at Nantes (France) and in Samos Island in Greece. In March 25th the performance will take place at Centre Universitaire Méditerranéen (CUM) in Nice at 21:00h.

Performer: Tina Alexopoulou, Piano: Benjamin Chatzikoumparoglou, Bouzouki: Panos Tsiftsis, Accordion: Louis Paralis, Choreography: Elena Linardaki, Direction: Agatha Darlasi, Art Direction: Pierre Maraval, Production: Le Chant des Poètes, Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

“20 years since… Melina”
 Tribute dedicated to the memory of Melina Mercouri in Nice

25 Mar 2016

The musical performance dedicated to the memory of Melina Mercouri -singer actress and politician- will take place at 25 March 2016, twice at 15.00h and 20h30 at Théâtre Mazenod in Marseille.

Performer: Tina Alexopoulou
Piano: Benjamin Chatzikoumparoglou
Bouzouki: Panos Tsiftsis
Accordion: Louis Paralis
Choreography: Elena Linardaki
Direction: Agatha Darlasi
Art Direction: Pierre Maraval
Production: Le Chant des Poètes
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

'20 years since... Melina'
 A musical performance dedicated to the memory of Melina Mercouri in Paris.

06 Mar 2014

We all rememberss the personality of the great actress Melina Mercouri and the political struggle she led in the 1970s in Paris. On the 20th anniversary of her death, a tribute-musical performance in Paris is dedicated to her memory. Through her songs and videos, audiences will rediscover her life and career. The actress and singer Tina Alexopoulou will perform famous songs of Melina’s repertoire and she will be accompanied by three instrumentalists (piano, accordion, and bouzouki).

Performer: Tina Alexopoulou
Piano: Benjamin Chatzikoubaroglou
Bouzouki: Periklis Malakates
Accordion: Louis Paralis
Concept of the performance: Pierre Maraval
Production : Le Chant du Poete

Performances will occur at the theatre ‘La Reine Blanche’, Paris, on Thursday, March the 6th – the exact day of the anniversary - at 21:00 and also on Sundays, March 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th at 16:00.
The official announcement of the theatre will be through the link below:


"When Operetta met Musical"

01 Nov 2013

‘When Operetta met Musical’ was a successful co-operation which lasted throughout Autumn, 2013, but which started with an individual performance. Soprano Lamprini Kartalis of the Greek National Opera, and performer Tina Alexopoulou chose favourite songs from their repertoires. Tunes from ‘West Side Story’, ‘Mary Poppins’, ‘Moulin Rouge’, and ‘Cabaret’, were intermingled with graceful operettas, canzonets, and Greek retro songs.
An unexpected meeting with plenty of improvisation, distinguished guest stars and surprises…

Soprano: Lamprini Kartalis
Performer: Tina Alexopoulou
Pianist: Benjamin Chatzikoumparoglou

                                                                                                                        From left to right :Lamprini Kartalis,
                                                                                                                  B. Chatzikoumparoglou, Tina Alexopoulou


"Tina and the Jazzymates" at Neptune Hotels at Kos

20 Aug 2013

Full moon party.
Tina gave a musical performance in the beautiful ‘Apollon Theatre’ at Neptune Hotels. A dance programme was created with a disco and Latin music especially for the night. Apart from Kostas Anadiotis at the piano, new members were invited to join the band to enliven the dance beat. Kostas Triantafyllidis was on drums and Nikos Anadiotis was on the guitar. The audience enjoyed themselves dancing and singing along!

                                                                                                                        Tina sings “Celebrate good times, come on!”
                                                                                                                                      by Kool and the Gang


Wine Festival of Samos


11 Aug 2013

Tina participated in the annual Wine Festival organised by the Municipality of Samos Town. Especially for the occasion she chose Greek songs from Greek musicals of the 60s and 70s which are very popular. She was accompanied by the famous bouzouki player Manolis Michalakis. At the piano, as always, was her fellow musician Kostas Anadiotis.

“Swing for Hope"

                                        Tina performs the dance routine with the Burlesque group of the ‘Athens Swing Cats.’


28 Jun 2013

‘Swing for Hope’ is an annual charity festival for poor families stricken by the crisis. It is organised by the dancing group ‘Athens Swing Cats’. Nine swing bands performed live during one night of full of swing and live dance shows by the Athens Swing Cats. ‘Tina and the Jazzymates’ contributed to the festival and Tina performed a song from the musical ‘Cabaret’ and danced to choreography, especially created for the night, with the Burlesque group of ‘Athens Swing Cats’.

                                                                                                                       Tina performs the song ‘All that Jazz’                                                                                                                                 from the musical ‘Chicago’.

“Tina and the Jazzymates" at Half Note Jazz Club

“Musical Highlights”

17 May 2013

Performer Tina Alexopoulou returned to the Half Note Jazz Club on Friday the 17th of May, with a special selection from the most famous musical songs. Virtuoso pianist Kostas Anadiotis and talented trumpeter Kostas Kefalas completed the group. The trio created a cabaret atmosphere with favourite songs from musicals and soundtracks. Choreography was by Elena Linardaki and Aliki Mavroeidi.

                                                                                                                        From the left: K.Kefalas, Tina, Kostas Anadiotis

      From the left : Aliki Mavroeidi, Tina Alexopoulou, Elena Linardaki

Tina Alexopoulou

You can contact Tina by email:   tinasalexopoulou@gmail.com     and on Facebook


Tina Alexopoulou is a performer coming from Samos island, Greece. She studied at the National Drama School of Greece . In addition, she graduated with honours from the Department of Theatrical Studies, Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens. After winning a Scholarship of the National Scholarship Foundation of Greece, she continued her studies in England at the University of Exeter and completed with merit “Master in Performing Arts” in 2006.

Her professional debut in theatre after an intensive four-month seminar under the direction of the famous Greek actress Lydia Koniordou, was as a chorus member at the Euripides’ ancient Greek tragedy “Ion” at the Festival of Epidaurus in 2003. She has participated as a chorus member in six different Greek tragedies of which four of them at the ancient theatre of Epidaurus and at the Ancient Herodion Theatre of Athens.

Beside her love for ancient Greek Drama she was fascinated by Musical theatre. Therefore, returning to Greece, after the Master in Performing Arts, she started singing lessons with the famous performer, which specializes in musicals, Hara Kefala. On the musical stage she starred for the first time in 2009 in the low budget performance, “Pocket Musical” for which she received enthusiastic critics both by the audience and the newspapers: “Born for Musicals, the delicate Tina Alexopoulou moves and sings the cabaret songs with virtuosity and reminds the sensual essence of Marilyn Monroe and Lisa Minnelli.”   G. Vidalis, Newspaper  “Elefterotypia”, 11.12.2009

She continued with the solo performance “Taste the MusicALL” where she performed a variety of songs in many different music styles such as jazz, cabaret, Brazilian ballads, songs from famous musicals and greek songs of the past. In addition, she interpreted songs in 7 different languages : English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

She has also participated in the group “Beat Ya Beat”. A band that loves to play swing, ragtime and boogie-woogie songs. They performed at the most famous jazz point of Athens “Half Note Jazz Club” in 2012. At the same jazz club she participated as guest at “Giorgos Psihogios trio”, a famous pianist and composer, in a performance dedicated to Walt Disney’s musicals. She performed several songs from the movies “Mary Poppins” and the “Sound of Music”.

Recently, she has established her own jazz trio called “Tina and the Jazzymates”. They play jazz, swing and favourite musicals in cabaret style. They have been performing live the past winter in different venues and have received a warm response on behalf of the audience. Their forth coming event will be this May 17th at Half Note Jazz Club.

In general, Tina’s repertoire includes 300 songs in 7 different languages and a variety of music genres. Therefore during the summer of 2012 she worked at the Vienna Bar of the 5 stars Neptune Hotels- Resorts, Convention Center and Spa in the island of Kos.

Beside her singing career she has worked as an actress in several theatrical plays and TV series. To see full CV please click the following link


Video Gallery

Presentation of the performance ‘20 years since... Melina’

This video-clip gives a small glimpse of the performance that was presented in Paris, Nantes, Athens, Samos with critiques of the audience.

‘20 years since... Melina’

This video-clip gives a small glimpse of the performance to be presented in Paris in memory of Melina Mercouri. Songs performed in the video-clip are:
‘Je suis Gresque’ Music: Joe Dassin, Richelle Dassin; Lyrics: Pierre Delanoë (1971)
‘The Children of Piraeus’ Music/Lyrics: Manos Hatjidakis (from the movie ‘Never on Sunday’, 1960)

‘Les bateaux de Samos’

Tina, that comes from Samos Island, Greece, sings ‘Les Bateaux de Samos’ (‘The Ships from Samos’). At the start of the video she announces musical performances which will take place in Paris, in March, 2014, as tributes to Melina Mercouri.

‘Summertime’ G.Hatzinasios-T.Alexopoulou

In May, 2013, the well-known composer Giorgos Hatzinasios was in the audience at the Piedra Restaurant-Bar in Athens, listening to the musical performance in which Tina participated: ‘When Opera met Musical’.After enthusiastic demand from the audience he played his own hugely-successful songs on the piano, and improvised on jazz themes.Then he asked Tina to join him on stage and they improvised together ‘Summertime’. This, the first time they ever met - as well as being the first time they ever performed together! Summertime prima vista!

‘Tina and the Jazzymates’ ‘Musical Highlights’

Tina is performing 'Big Spender' from the famous musical ‘Sweet Charity’. Choreography is by Elena Linardaki and Aliki Mavroeidi, who also dance with the performer. Half Note Jazz Club, 17.05.2012

'All that Jazz'

Tina is performing 'All that Jazz' from the famous musical ‘Chicago’. Choreography is by Elena Linardaki and Aliki Mavroeidi, who also dances with the performer. Half Note Jazz Club, 17.05.2012

'Why don't you do right?'

'Tina and the Jazzymates' were guests on the cultural magazine 'Simio Art' ('Point Art') on ET1, the National TV Channel of Greece. Tina performes the song 'Why don't you do right?'

Music Showreel

A small glimpse of Tina’s performances

Acting Showreel

Acting Showreel

“Tina and the Jazzymates”

“Tina and the Jazzymates” is a newly established trio with the producer of “Café Society” Kostas Anadiotis at the piano and trumpeter Kostas Kefalas.

Yiorgos Psihoyios Trio - Guest Tina Alexopoulou

Yiorgos Psihoyios Trio - Guest Tina Alexopoulou at Half Note Jazz Club A tribute to Walt Disney’s musicals. Tina performs “Chim Chim Cheree” from the musical “Mary Poppins” Half Note Jazz Club 11.1.2013

"Taste the MusicALL”

"Taste the MusicALL” The one-woman show with a variety of songs in many different music styles such as jazz, latin, songs from famous musicals, cabaret and greek songs of the past. Pulitzer Piano Bar Restaurant 2010-12

“Beat Ya Beat”

“Beat Ya Beat” A band that loves to play swing, ragtime and boogie-woogie songs Faust, Bar Theatre of Arts, March-April 2012, Half Note Jazz Club, 2.10.2012


INTERVIEWS, Television

25 May 2013

‘Tina and the Jazzymates’ were guests on the cultural magazine ‘Simio Art’ (‘Point Art’) on ET1, the National TV Channel of Greece.

Dimitris Trikas interviewed Tina and presented Tina and her trio. She performed ‘Mack the knife’ in 3 different languages: German, English and Greek. Tina mentioned the live performance at the Half Note Jazz Club with her trio and at the end she and the Trio performed the song ‘Why don’t you do right?’.

24 Jan 2013

Interview with Violeta Tripodi for Samos TV

Tina Alexopoulou was guest at the local Television Station of Samos island on the occasion of several performances on Samos during January 2013.

After the warm response of the Samian audience, she explained how happy she was performing to her old friends and compatriots.

29 Dec 2010

Eleni Menegaki, one of the most famous respected TV presenters in Greece hosted Tina Alexopoulou on her programme. After a very warm presentation to the public by Eleni Menegaki, Tina performed two songs live: ‘Put the blame on Mame’, and ‘Hit the road Jack’.

At the end, after the interview, Tina sang ‘je ne veux pas travailler’.


06 May 2011

Interview with Eirini Aivaliotou for the on-line magazine www.catisart.gr with the title:

‘Tina Alexopoulou, A celebration of sight and hearing’

Eirini Aivaliotou, a respected journalist, introduced Tina in a poetic way and said Tina’s innate talents were accompanied by depth of thought, maturity, persistent work and devotion to her art’.


25 Aug 2011

Tina’s article, entitled ‘Where the stone waves meet the stars’, is about the biggest and most beloved theatre in Greece, the Ancient Theatre of Epidavrus.

Here, she explains the feelings of a young artist who has the opportunity to perform in such a magical place. She also presents rare photos she took during the rehearsals and during special photoshoots which she organised in the ancient theatre.


18 Mar 2011

       An interview with Maria Alexandra Savastaki for the monthly newspaper ‘Zo’, entitled ‘When Art is in your DNA …A Pulitzer for Tina’. At the time Tina was performing in the Bar Restaurant ‘Pulitzer’…


17 Dec 2010

A review for the show “Taste The MusicALL by Vlassis Apozidis in the newspaper ‘Adesmeftos’, entitled ‘A musical trip in 7 languages’. He describes the show as a fairytale, using the titles of several songs from the performance : "..It is like we have ‘La vie en rose’ and we are found ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ and we are dancing ‘Cheek to Cheek’. And if something happens ‘Mein Herr’, you can ‘Put the Blame on Mame’"

07 Mar 2010

Review of the performance of the ‘Pocket Musical’ in the newspaper ‘Veto’, by Katerina Aggelidaki : ‘Tina Alexopoulou, a soprano who gives dramatic power to the songs and every movement’

10 Oct 2010

‘Let’s go to a bar theatre. The fashion that an became institution’ A review of the performance of ‘Pocket Musical’ which took place in a small theatre bar. The article presents the performance as one of the best to attend. Tina Alexopoulou appears on the full cover of the second page, with a small picture on the third page below.

G Stavrakakis for ‘Big Fish’ Magazine